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Toolbank (own brand) range of Lighthouse torches are made to tradesmens' standards by craftsmen who meet the demanding Lighthouse criteria for the design and quality of each individual item.
All Lighthouse torches are guaranteed against faulty materials or workmanship, and any tradesman or regular DIY tool user can be confident that the care and quality control behind every Lighthouse product is designed to ensure a long and dependable service.
Lighthouse torched are ideal for the discerning buyer who prefers lower prices than those associated with some well known brands, but who is not prepared to compromise too much, if at all, on product quality and reliability.
 One of Toolbank lighthouse torches which is popular in our shop:
Lighthouse elite 3 watt 140 lumens cree focus torch Code L/HELEDFOCUS
Toolbank items are also available to order direct from us, and the majority of the range is delivered via Toolbank van early next morning to our premises at Welling (approximately 7.00 am Monday - Friday)  
We are a 'Premier Toolbank Store' where you can select from a range of over 25,000 hand and power tools and more than 250 recognised brands. Premier Toolbank stores can help you whether you need a standard tool or a more specialised tool. View over 25,000 products in the 1145-page Toolbank tool reference book,  known often as 'The Big Blue Book',  in our store.

If the tool you need isn't on display at your local 'Premier Toolbank Store' - simply order it and collect it from him the next day.

Most 'Premier Toolbank Stores' are independent retailers with years of accumulated knowledge within their trade. They compete with the national DIY superstores by offering a wide product range at competitive prices, backed by personal service and attention. You'll find them easy to talk to and very helpful whenever you need assistance and advice.

 We stock and supply the annual Real Deal Xmas promotions from Toolbank

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About Toolbank, Toolbank Express,
Toolbank's website has been developed by Toolbank, one of the European leading specialist distributors of Hand and Power Tools, working with many of the leading independent DIY retailers and the world's leading manufacturers.
On the Toolbank website you can find Hand Tools, Power Tools, Fixings and Hardware to suit your needs from a range of up to 25,000 quality products (new items are often added to the comprehensive range) and then buy them on-line for delivery to your home. Toolbank Express has regular promotions during the year

Contacting Toolbank

Toolbank takes pride in the wide range of quality hand and power tools carried in stock. If, however, you cannot find what you are looking for, or you require additional information, then please do email info.ecommerce@toolbank.com or call  on  free phone number 0800 977 4242 (Or 01322 321495)


Toolbank is a trading name used by Dormole Limited which is a company registered in England and Wales with incorporation number 1156193 and who registered office is at

 Long Reach,
 Galleon Boulevard,
 Crossways Business Park,
 DA2 6QE.

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Some of the great deals  supplied by Toolbank/ Toolbank Express include items from leading tool brands Black & Decker, Bahco Tools, Britool, Bulldog tools, Dewalt power tools, Irwin Tools, Marshalltown, Milwaukee,  Record tools, Stanley Tools.
Toolbank / Toolbank Express are regularly adding new items to the ever expanding range of items stocked 

 Toolbank Express over 25,000 items available to order online via the Toolbank -C H Fowler website


C.H.FOWLER & CO LTD, REG NO 415404 LONDON, REG ADDRESS: 32 BELLEGROVE ROAD, WELLING, KENT, DA16 3PY     TEL 020 8304 4805, FAX 020 8304 7068,
E-MAIL chfowler@btconnect.com

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